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On-Land Shipbuilding

HSG SUNGDONG owns the world’s best on-land shipbuilding technology.

As the first large-scale shipbuilder in the world that adopted the On-Land Shipbuilding as a main building method.. HSG SUNGDONG Shipbuilding has the original technology to launch a ship of maximum 220,000 DWT on ground. HSG SUNGDONG launched a ship in the shortest period of time On-Land in 2006. In 2008, it succeeded in building 175,000 ton bulker, the biggest size in the history of On-Land Shipbuilding. In 2009, it built a 6,500 TEU container ship On-Land for the first time in the world. and In 2013, it built a 8,800TEU containership, 157,000ton shuttle tanker, 350,000 BBLS FSO On-Land.

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