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Human Resource

HSG SUNGDONG is the birth place of global human resources and new leaders.

HSG SUNGDONG Shipbuilding offers opportunities for young, passionate, and talented people ready for challenges to help them grow as new leaders in the future. HSG SUNGDONG supports our employees to develop their talents and potentials.

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New Leader

Creative leader

Exploring leader

Professional leader

Creative leader
HSG SUNGDONG employees lead innovation with flexible thoughts and active participation, valuing team works inside the organization based on diligence, sincerity and accountability
Exploring leader
HSG SUNGDONG employees explore the new world with strong mentality and challenge spirit and accomplish their goals in the end.
Professional leader
HSG SUNGDONG employees take the initiative based on knowledge and experience acquired from continuous self-development.

HR development

Technology education center for talents in the shipbuilding industry
A technology education center is under establishment to secure technically remarkable employees and to promote continuous development of the shipbuilding industry. HSG SUNGDONG technology education center can train about 1,000 employees a year; moreover, the center is expected to create added values in the local economy by creating new jobs and revitalizing related industries.
Cooperation between the industry and academia
Based on cooperative relationship with 18 universities, HSG SUNGDONG nurtures talents needed in the 21st century. By nurturing talents from universities and excursions and internships, we nurture customized employees who can be commence working with us upon their graduation.

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