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In HSG SUNGDONG, "ethics" is a source of competitiveness
and a corner stone to become a "New World New Leader".

For sustainable growth and harmonized development, corporate ethics is getting crucial globally. Activities of the company maybe legally acceptable, but sometimes cause conflicting the society due to collision of values. HSG SUNGDONG Shipbuilding will go beyond accepting what are required as social norms and will advance further by proactively implementing and practicing rules and principles acceptable to the global corporate ethics standards.

This picture is children of Daycare center with HSG SUNGDONG.

Ethical Management

On the belief of Ethical Management becomes a key source of competitiveness which makes the corporate governance and business operation actively. HSG SUNGDONG aims to be the Global top-tier yard through fair and transparent corporate management in order to fulfill social responsibility.

Ethical Standards

It aims and purpose for the attainment of HSG SUNGDONG Ethical Constitution as basis of appropriate attitude as executives and all staff members as well as value judgment.

Code of conduct

It sets as HSG SUNGDONG code of conduct in order for all workers at yard to achieve the Ethics Management.

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