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Smart Facility

HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding has created a Smart Yard that integrates
every managements and production process with IT technologies.

HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding constructed and installed the most modernized yards optimized for ship production. A perfect consistent flow production system has been built adopting a conveyor belt system which encompasses processing, assembly, and automation hull shops as well as on-land building berths to produce from carried in iron sheets into vessels without a halt.

This picture is ship to drop anchor with quay.
  • Cutting shop
    This picture is cuuting shop.
    This steel material cutting factory is equipped with facility that allows automatic marking through numeric control system, which is used based on accurate design data. The facility is automated using plasma cutter, NC gas cutter, etc.
  • Panel assembly shop
    This picture is panel assembly shop.
    Production efficiency is maximized through production standardization and concentration at this factory. Automatic facilities manage production systematically using Tact System, and up-to-date automatic welding, moving equipment and various kinds of cranes are in this factory.
  • Unit assembly shop
    This picture is unit assembly shop.
    Steels are welded together to be transformed into blocks in this factory. Blocks and major frames are made here. The manufacturing process at this in-door factory is not affected by the weather, which maximizes productivity.
  • Blasting cell and Painting shop
    This picture is blasting cell and painting shop.
    Coating inside and outside of ships is done in this factory. This factory divided into Blasting Cell where surfaces of steel materials and blocks are adjusted and a Painting Shop where colors are applied. The entire process is done outside for systematic quality managements and air quality management.
  • Goliath crane
    This picture is goliath crane.
    Goliath crane is a super large crane that is needed to move and load large blocks. HSG SUNGDONG operates 450ton, 700ton, 750ton, and 900ton gantry crane to increase yard turn-over rate.
  • Floating dock
    This picture is floating dock.
    This floating dock is needs to launch a ship built up on land into sea. HSG SUNGDONG manufactured a 230m long and 57m wide floating dock with 30,000 ton floating capacity and a 320m long and 67m wide floating dock with 80,000 ton floating capacity.

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