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Smart Yard

HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding has created a Smart Yard that integrates
every managements and production process with IT technologies.

HSG SUNGDONG Shipbuilding is the top class ship yard which contains total area of Total 1,190,083m2 with a "smart Flow Production System" that integrates every process from the steel cutting to delivery.

This is a aerial image of SUNGDONG.

HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding builds highly efficient, eco-friendly ships through constant technological innovations.
By using a conveyor belt system that extends from engineering, processing assembling and automated hull processing to the building slip on land, it has established a "Flow Production System" where the steel plate is transformed into a completed ship.

This image is second Yard's report.
square measure Total 1,190,083m2 (1Yard about 198,347m2+ 2Yard about 991,736m2)
Quay Total 7 numbers (1Yard 2 number, 2Yard 5 number) / Total 1,930m
Dock Floating Dock 1 Device internal violence 55 M / Length 320M / 80,000TLC
Skid Total 6 numbers (1yard 2 number + 2yard 4 number)
Crane G/C 5 Device (900T 2 Device, 750T 1 Device, 700T 1 Device, 450T 1 Device)
Factory pretreatment, cutting, processing, assembling, painting factory

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940, Gongdan-ro, Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 53006, South Korea

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