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Performance Record

HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding is leading
the shipbuilding market through consistent change and innovation.

115,000 DWT19
113,000 DWT3
75,000 DWT31
52,000 DWT1
50,000 DWT16
47,000 DWT8
Total :78
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Product carriers carry refined products to all over the world where oil products are needed.

158,000 DWT14
115,000 DWT10
Total :24
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Crude oil tanker carry crude oil to refining facilities or to countries by oil imports

157,000 DWT3
Total :3
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A shuttle tanker is a ship designed for oil transport from an off-shore oil field as an alternative to constructing oil pipelines

8,800 TEU Container Ship11
6,500 TEU Container Ship5
3,600 TEU Container Ship4
Total :20
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Container ships carry containers. There are two kinds of container ships. One is a full container ship that is dedicated to carrying containers with special structure and the order is a semi-container ship in which part of the ship is allotted for container shipping.

180,000 DWT53
170,000 DWT19
151,000 DWT4
92,000 DWT19
82,000 DWT32
27,000 DWT5
Total :132
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Bulk carriers carry dry products such as grains, coals, and iron ores. In order to lower the shipping cost and ballast voyage rate, it not only sails under economic speed, but also transports various types of products for multi-purpose.

Total :1
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A Floating Storage and Offloading vessel(FSO) is a type of floating tank system used by the offshore oil and gas industry and designed to take all of the oil or gas produced from nearby platforms or templates, process it, and store it until the oil or gas can be offloaded onto a tanker or transported through a pipeline.

80M Class Purse Seiner8
Total :8
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The Tuna Purse Seiner is today’s most advanced deep-sea fishing vessel with cutting-edge facilities such as helicopters, radars of all sorts, sonar and the INMARSAT. It uses gigantic fishing nets to catch tunas to be canned

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